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Michigan Native Copper Specimen

Michigan Native Copper Specimen

Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula is the most important locality in the world for pure native copper. Mining began in 1845 and continued until 1982. Over 7 million tons of refined copper was recovered from Michigan's copper mines. In the early 1900s, it led the world in copper production. "Lake Copper" was the purity standard to which other refined copper was compared.Long before the mining operations of the past century began in the Keweenaw, prehistoric peoples mined copper from the mineral-rich veins.

Copper is known to stimulate energy flow and enhance psychic abilities. It is an energy conductor that will move energies and amplify your thoughts. It will also help you in channeling and communicating with higher dimensional beings. Copper can also ground and move a wide array of vibrational frequencies from the spiritual realm to the physical realm. When used together with Petrified Wood, it will amplify your thoughts and send healing energies all over the body. It will also encourage you to achieve physical and emotional alignment. This will result in clearer thinking and less aggressive behavior. You will also enjoy a boost in your self-esteem. When someone is feeling agitated, angry, or distraught, your calming energies will help them calm down as well. Copper is a warming stone. It will help you release excess charges of anger or resentment. The mineral makeup of this stone will also balance the energies of the warm sun and the cool moon. It’s an excellent stone that will increase your ability to express yourself and accept your true emotions1234.

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